The following is a summary of the procedures covering all phases of the procurement process - from the introduction of your company's to TEPCO to completion of a purchase transaction.
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Procurement Procedure Flow Chart

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    Note 1) Definition of power equipment products: materials, equipment, and supplies used in the construction, maintenance, and operation of electric power facilities.
    To provide a stable supply of high-quality electric power, TEPCO applies a supplier registration system for procurement of power equipment products.

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    Note 2) Definition of procedure through Access: Procedures for evaluation of supplier and product based on the characteristics and use of the product being introduced.<

Product Classification

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    Materials, equipment, and supplies procured by TEPCO are classified into the following five "Accesses".
    Which Access a particular product belongs to is determined after the product is introduced.

Procedure Type Product Classification Example
Access I-A Power Equipment Products (products to which the supplier registration system is applicable) Products used by TEPCO Type-designated products (*Note 3) Aluminum prowercables, 22kV XLPE cable, Power poles, Pole transformers
Access I-B Others Turbine-related equipment, transformers for power Transmission
Access II Products not currently used by TEPCO ------
Access III Other (products to which registration is not applicable) Products used by TEPCO Tables, Chairs, Personal computers Office supplies
Access IV Products not currently used by TEPCO ------
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    Note 3) Definition of type-designated products: Type-designated products are products that are used on an ongoing basis in large quantities and as a rule, products for testing purposes are manufactured for TEPCO at your company's expense. These products undergo testing in accordance with test procedures and methods specified in advance by TEPCO.

Procedure by Access

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