Through participation in each initiative, the TEPCO Group is further developing the ESG information it discloses.
Based on our policy of disclosing transparent, consistent, and comparable ESG data, the TEPCO Group engages with stakeholders, such as institutional investors, and encourages all group companies to engage in business from the perspective of ESG.

GRI content index

Statement of use TEPCO has reported in accordance with the GRI content index for the period April 2021 - March 2022.
GRI 1 used GRI 1 used GRI 1: Foundation 2021
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The relevant achievements of the TEPCO Group have been noted based on Electric Utilities & Power Generators, an industry standard put forth by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Since the SASB standard was created for primarily companies and markets in the United States there are disclosure topics that do not apply to Japanese domestic business activities in the accounting metrics, but an attempt has been made to disclose as much information as possible in light of the purpose of this standard.

Furthermore, through participation in the SASB Standard Advisory Group the TEPCO Group is proactively involved in the process to revise this standard to enable its use globally.

TEPCO Presentation at SASB Symposium 2020

TEPCO was selected to represent corporations that have adopted SASB Standards and give a presentation at the SASB Symposium held in December 2020 after being commanded by the SASB Secretariat for its SASB initiatives.

TEPCO presentation materials used at the SASB Symposium 2020

Information about the Standards Advisory Group (SAG)

The Standards Advisory Group (SAG) is a standing committee of volunteer industry experts from corporations, financial institutions, and third parties that provide ongoing feedback on the implementation and use of the SASB standards, as well as emerging sustainability issues to be considered as part of the standard-setting process.
SAG members bring a diverse set of perspectives and technical insights that support our research across all 11 SASB sectors. Members come from organizations across the globe and engage directly with our technical staff and the SASB Standards Board to discuss key sustainability topics impacting the industries they represent.

Please visit the SASB website for more information on SAG (external link)

Scenario Analysis in Accordance with the TCFD Recommendations

With the formation of the Paris Agreement the global climate effort has been reinvigorated, and we believe the "5-D" megatrends, which include decarbonization, will have a major impact on the TEPCO Group's business.

To achieve sustainable growth amidst these megatrends, the TEPCO Group must analyze “climate-related risks and opportunities” based on Climate-Related Scenarios and continually optimize our business portfolio, under appropriate corporate governance.

Therefore, in April 2019, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. became the first Japanese utility company to express support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations and perform scenario analysis.

Based on this scenario analysis, the TEPCO Group aims to reduce CO2 missions from the sale of electricity by 50% of FY2013 levels by the year FY2030.

In consideration of the trend towards carbon-free, the TEPCO Group aims to increase the amount of energy produced by nuclear power and renewable energy sources, and provides new value based on “decarbonization” thereby promoting further electrification and achieving sustainable growth along with society.

For more details, please refer to the following PDF.

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