• After TEPCO makes an advance notice on the project or program in view, this procedure invites VE proposals from a selected prospective supplier, has the accepted proposal reflected in our purchasing specifications and offers a reward according to the amount of cost that can be reduced by the proposal.
  • TEPCO does not pay the cost involved in the preparation of documents for VE proposals.
  • The post-advance notice VE proposal procedure is performed by the following flow:

Model Flow

Explanation of Flow

Request for VE Proposal

TEPCO distributes documents concerning an advance notice and requests for VE proposals.

Information on Details of Proposal Requested

We provide a selected prospective supplier with information on the purposes of the request for proposals, summary specifications of the planned purchase and other items necessary for the requested proposal.

Submission of Written Proposal

Please fill in relevant items in the prescribed VE proposal form and submit it together with backing technical data, test results and other necessary materials for document inspection to the group of TEPCO that has requested the proposal.

Inspection of Proposal

TEPCO comprehensively inspects the proposals submitted in respect of technology, safety, cost, etc. to find whether the contents of the proposals meet our quality, function and performance requirements.

Notification of Proposal Acceptance/Rejection

After deciding on whether or not to accept your proposal, we will inform you of the decision.

Reward According to Amount of Cost Reduced

TEPCO issues a designated or otherwise preferential order to the successful supplier according to the degree of contribution by the proposal, particularly the amount of cost that can be reduced by it.

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