• This procedure invites cost reduction proposals from a wide range of interested supplies before we make an advance notice on any item of the project or program in view. The procedure calls for deciding on a prospective supplier to be provided with such advance notice based on comprehensive assessment of the contents of proposals submitted.
  • TEPCO does not pay the cost involved in the preparation of documents for VE proposals.
  • The pre-advance notice VE proposal procedure is performed by the following flow:

Model Flow

Explanation of Flow

Request for Proposal

Taking into account the technical features and potential cost reduction of the project or program in view, TEPCO delivers a request to multiple suppliers for submission of proposals.

Information on Details of Proposal Requested

TEPCO provides information as necessary on the purposes of the request for proposals, summary specifications of the planned purchase and other items necessary for the requested proposal.

Submission of Written Proposal

Please fill in relevant items in the proposal form prescribed by TEPCO and submit it along with backing technical data, test results and other necessary materials for document inspection to the Materials & Procurement Department of TEPCO.

Inspection of Proposal

TEPCO comprehensively inspects the proposals submitted in respect of technology, safety, cost, etc. to find whether their contents meet our quality, function and performance requirements.

Decision on a Prospective Supplier

Based on the results of inspection, TEPCO decides on a prospective supplier who will be provided with an advance notice on the planned project or program.

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