At the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, decommissioning work is being carried out based on the “Mid-and-Long-Term Roadmap towards the Decommissioning of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Units 1-4” adopted by the Inter-Ministerial Council for Contaminated Water, Treated Water and Decommissioning Issues of the National Government. The original roadmap adopted in December 2011 is subject to ongoing review, considering matters that become clarified at the site as the decommissioning work proceeds.

Milestones on the Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap

Milestones on the Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap

A target schedule clearly showing the state of progress

Contaminated water management Reduce the volume of contaminated water to about 150m3/day *1 Within 2020 (Achieved)
Reduce the volume of contaminated water to about 100m3/day or less *1 Within 2025 (Achieved)*2
Accumulated water removal/treatment Complete accumulated water removal/treatment in buildings *3 Within 2020 (Achieved) *3
Reduce accumulated water in reactor buildings to about a half of that in the end of 2020 FY2022 – FY2024
Fuel removal Complete of fuel removal from Unit 1 - 6 Within 2031
Complete of installation of the large cover at Unit 1 Around FY2023 *4
Start fuel removal from Unit 1 *5 FY2027 – FY2028
Start fuel removal from Unit 2 *5 FY2024 – FY2026
Fuel debris retrieval Start fuel debris retrieval from the first Unit
(Start from Unit 2, expanding the scale gradually)
Within 2021 *6
Waste management Technical prospects concerning the processing/disposal policies and their safety Around in FY2021 (Achieved)
Eliminating temporary storage areas outside for rubble and other waste Within FY2028
  • *1  Further reduction of generated volume
  • *2  Achieved by the end of FY2023, approx. two years ahead of schedule. Continue to implement countermeasures in a multifaceted approach to reduce the amount of contaminated water to approx. 50-70 m3/day by FY2028.
  • *3  Excluding Unit 1 - 3 reactor buildings, Process Main Building, and High-Temperature Incinerator Building
  • *4  In consideration of the interference from the construction work around the reactor building (Dismantlement of Unit 1/2 Standby Gas Treatment System pipes, etc.) and the need for safety measures for high-dose areas on the walls of the reactor building, the installation of the large cover at Unit 1 is planned to be completed around the summer of 2025.
  • *5  Methods have changed to ensure safety and prevent dust scattering
  • *6  The plan has revised to start around October 2024 in consideration of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to enhance the safety and reliability of operations

Measures Based on the Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap

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