At the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, decommissioning work is being carried out based on the “Mid-and-Long-Term Roadmap towards the Decommissioning of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Units 1-4” adopted by the Inter-Ministerial Council for Contaminated Water, Treated Water and Decommissioning Issues of the National Government. The original roadmap adopted in December 2011 is subject to ongoing review, considering matters that become clarified at the site as the decommissioning work proceeds.

Milestones on the Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap

Milestones on the Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap

A target schedule clearly showing the state of progress

Contaminated water measures Reduce the volume of contaminated water to around 150m3/day *1 During 2020
Reduce the volume of contaminated water to around 100msup>3/day *1 During 2025
Treatment of accumulated water Complete treatment of water accumulated in buildings *2 During 2020 (*2)
Reduce water accumulated in reactor buildings to around half the amount at the end of 2020 FY2022–2024
Spent fuel removal Complete fuel removal from Units 1 to 6 During 2031
Complete installation of large cover over Unit 1 Around FY2023
Start fuel removal from Unit 1 *3 FY2027–2028
Start fuel removal from Unit 2 *3 FY2024–2026
Fuel debris retrieval Start fuel debris retrieval from initial reactor
(Begin from Unit 2. Expand the scope of the retrieval in stages.)
During 2021 *4
Waste measures Develop technical outlook for treatment and disposal methods and their safety Around FY2021
End temporary storage of rubble outdoors During FY2028
  • *1  Further reduction of generated volume
  • *2  Excluding Unit 1 to 3 reactor buildings, Main Process Building, and High-Temperature Incinerator Building
  • *3  Adopting a new method for ensuring safety/ anti-scattering
  • *4  Reviewing the plan to launch in the late FY2023 due to the impact of pandemic of COVID-19 and to secure safety and ensure reliability of operation

Measures Based on the Mid- to Long-Term Roadmap

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