Preparation stage①
[Rearing practice]: 100 flounders, separate from those to be used in the rearing tests, will be reared to learn how to rear flounder and to grow bacteria necessary in maintaining water quality (the bacteria once grown, will be moved to a feeding test tank)
Preparation stage ②
[Rearing test preparations]: The functionality of the rearing test tank and the surrounding equipment will be confirmed. Afterward, marine organisms for the rearing tests will be carried in and let go in the rearing test tanks (4 tank series) to get them used to the seawater environment, to check them for any diseases and to confirm bacteria colonization.
Rearing tests
: The rearing tests will start once ALPS treated water is added to 2 out of the 4 rearing test tank series.

For rearing logs from 2024 onwards, please click here. (in Japanese only)
Our X(twitter) account and live stream of the rearing test are also available. (in Japanese only)

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